​Welcome to this series of tutorials dedicated to MindControl Emo. 

This software has 3 main features that will be presented in separate tutorials :

  1.    a monitoring panel for ​​EMOTIV EEG headsets (INSIGHT and EPOC+)
  2.    a control panel for ​​ARDUINO (compatible with all AVR boards)
  3.    a LINKER panel for ARDUINO control using EEG headsets data

1 : installation

​This video shows how to install MindControl Emo on your PC. It is recommended to turn off your anti-virus during the installation process ​or ​installation may fail.

2 : ​user interface

​This tutorial introduces you with the intuitive User Interface (Integrated Tutorial, Device Manager, Device Toolbars).

It also introduces the key concept of DEVICE. EMOTIV headsets and ARDUINO are considered as DEVICES. A device can have several states (Disabled, Ready, Error...). It needs to be in the Ready state to be used. In order to save CPU load, you can disable the devices you don't want to use in MindControl.

3 : ​EMOTIV headset setup

In this tutorial, you will learn how to retrieve your EMOTIV EEG headset data in MindControl.

You will start by downloading and installing EmotivBCI software (if not done already). After that, you will ​login with your EMOTIV user ID, connect your headset, and load a trained profile ​to your headset. Note that profile training ​will have to be done using EmotivBCI, as it is not the purpose of MindControl.  Finally, you will check your trained mental abilities (Mental Commands, Facial Expression).

4 : ARDUINO setup

​At this step, you will learn how to quickly and efficiently control any machine or process connected to your ARDUINO using MindControl.

You will start by downloading and installing the latest ARDUINO IDE and drivers.

​Secundly you will connect your board and upload the ​ArduiComm Example code. ArduiComm is a C++ protocol library that we designed and optimized for serial communication between ARDUINO and computer softwares. MindControl uses this protocol to communicate with ARDUINO. Thus, your ARDUINO code must include ​the ArduiComm library. It should have been installed during MindControl installation process. If it was not, you will have to install it manually. ArduiComm can be downloaded for free on our website (see its EULA for use and distribution restriction).

After, you will learn how to :

  • monitor INPUTS PINS (​Digital or Analog)
  • control OUTPUTS PINS (Digital, PWM (Analog), or Servo)
  • ​monitor and control DATA (Digital or Analog)

​DATA (also called General-Purpose Data) are another key concept. They give you the possibility to ​exchange Digital or Analog data with your ARDUINO. You can read or write a DATA. The same DATA can be read  or written both by your ARDUINO code and by MindControl.

​5 : Linking

​This tutorial shows how to control ARDUINO using EMOTIV EEG headsets.

Here you will discover the last key concept of MindControl, the LINKING. It is basically the action of connecting ​your EMOTIV EEG headset ​COMMANDS (Mental Command, Facial Expression) to ​your ARDUINO ​OUTPUT PINS or DATA.

First, you will learn how to configure the LINKING using the LINKER window. Then you will see how to perform linking of one or several headsets to one or several ​PINS (or DATA).

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to control by the power of your thought any machine or process using ARDUINO. What's more, ​the possibility to use several headsets ​enables​ you to consider collaborative ​though-controlled applications with team mates, or on the contrary mind battle applications with opponents.